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Would you like to own your own pharmacy, but not sure where to begin?

Visit RXinsider's VIRTUAL PHARMACY TRADE SHOW to connect with leaders in buying pharmacies / acquisitions:

  • Independent Retail Pharmacies
  • Long term Care Pharmacy Franchises
  • Infusion Pharmacy Franchises
  • Retail / Community Franchises
  • Non-Traditional Opportunities
  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Expert Guidance through the Transition Process
  • Financing
  • Steps to Ownership

Are you a pharmacy owner interested in selling your pharmacy?

Visit RXinsider's VIRTUAL PHARMACY TRADE SHOW to connect with leaders in:

  • How to Sell a Pharmacy
  • Independent Pharmacy Brokers
  • Financing & Appraisals
  • Free Pharmacy Market Valuations
  • Consulting
  • Tax Strategies
  • Expert Guidance through the Transition Process
  • Connect with Acquisition / M&A Departments of Chains

Locations: Nationwide, Statewide, NATIONWIDE

Practice Settings: Infusion / IV Compounding, LTC (Long Term Care), Retail / Community (Independent), Specialty Pharmacy

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